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    Excellent car and even better service.

    I just bought an Audi Q7 from these guys. Awesome experience. Amazing car and worked out a good deal. Really happy with the customer service too since it’s very sloppy most other places. The guys were very accommodating with all the inquiries about the car and responding instantly. I was recommended this dealership by my uncle who raved about his excellent experience with them. I have to say I will recommend them to anyone who wants to make a good deal on a nice car.

  • Graham B

    Highly Recommended.

    "Caveat Emptor", "use Credit Card for extra protection'. Due to COVID, I am unable to be in the UK. I have just gone against all the above advice (No!!, you all shout) to buy a car from Charlie (really!!?? I hear the police say) for my Son's 17th. Found the car on Autotrader, never heard of Practical Cars, emailed them, response was quick, to the point and understood my dilemma. Promised everything, delivered even more. They liaised with my Son directly to arrange delivery ('Dad, I am dealing with a garage"). He waited 2 days sat by the window, when it arrived he immediately sent me pictures, it was still on the flatbed. Early days, but I have to take my hat off to Practical Cars, especially C (only name I know). Not only have you sold a car, you have made a young man very happy (he is sat in it, listening to Moby), you have made a cynical person have a bit more trust in humanity. If it goes bang next week then I should have stuck to the above advice. Thank you All.


    Many Thanks to Practical Cars UK

    Just Bought a Honda CRV 2010 from Practical Cars. I have had a great experience with Practical UK, they have sold me a NO-issue Car. They have answered to all my calls and texts even though I wasn't looking like a serious buyer to be honest. I have decided to do a pre-purchase inspection to see if the car has any issues as I never trust anyone. I haven't paid any deposits in advance be allowed to do an inspection comparing to other dealers. The inspection report came almost clear. There were some small things like one light not working and the wipers that they offered to replace so I even got a discount at the end. I know it's very difficult to find a good car, I have been looking for one for almost one month now, but all I've learned from my experience is that you can only get the best car and be happy when you do a pre-purchase inspection and choose the right dealer that helps you through the process. Many Thanks to Practical Cars UK

  • Pedro A

    Trusted garage and honest..

    Bought audi q7 and You can buy cars here without any problems and if they appear they will help you, definitely a garage to come back.. Tubo amazing guy.. Thanks



    Had a great experience chatting with S and T. They were able to provide all of the information I needed and go through it all in detail with me. I reserved a car with them, I did not end up buying it as I found something else , they happily refunded the deposit in full. They have a great select of cars and are honest people so I will have a look here again when I need another car in the future.

  • Mark F

    Great Dealership - very trustworthy

    I would highly recommend this garage. I bought a VW Golf and found the service excellent. The person I dealt with went the extra mile to make sure the car was right for me including addressing MoT Advisories.

  • Melanie P

    Good Customer Services.

    Very happy with the services from Practical Cars UK when looking for my first car. Definitely recommending to friends and family!